1. Theatre 1
    • This session will provide insight as to what net zero really means
    • The expected drivers and challenges for manufacturers across all sectors
    • What possible steps you can take to future proof your business 
  2. Theatre 1
    Find out what sort of manager you are. Or maybe could be! And, what sort of manager SHOULD you be? Experience how Executive Coaching helps you discover these things? 
  3. Theatre 2
    • How to use thermal simulation to identify thermal issues early in the design process
    • You will discover how to import PCB in to a 6SigmaET thermal simulation and how to use simulation results to improve a systems thermal management 
    • How using simulation helps you eliminate thermal issues and streamline your design process.  
  4. Theatre 2
    • Why a siloed approach can be problematic when building a smart factory and embracing Industry 4.0.
    • Benefits of horizonal and virtual integration from the shop floor to the top floor.
    • How to bring the separate worlds of OT and IT together.
  5. Theatre 5
    • Health & Safety and compliance demands require new approaches by maintenance terms
    • A single point of management for maintenance and permits can significantly reduce total cost of ownership
    • Elecosoft is innovating yet again in CMMS/CAFM market with permit to work
  6. Theatre 5
    • From CMMS to CMMS 4.0.
    • How Siveco Group helps companies meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.
    • The future of CMMS by Siveco Group.
  7. Theatre 3
    The pandemic has given urgency to sustainability now among the top priorities and has become an operating principle for manufacturers. Rather than being driven by regulatory pressure, there is opportunity to turn sustainability into business advantage and competitive differentiator, movement from linear manufacturing, towards a circular business model, extending the lifecycle of materials and products alike, creating new revenue opportunities.
  8. Theatre 4

    Learning from the first 18 months and practical ways to manage compliance and minimise tax risks.This session will cover Customs, VAT and the recently introduced Plastic Packaging Tax and provide details on key issues and useful tips for businesses to manage compliance and also identify potential duty savings within their production processes.

  9. Theatre 4
  10. Theatre 3
    • How becoming ‘Life-Aware’ is helping manufacturers to drive employee retention and productivity
    • The role that ‘people operations’ technology is playing in improving HR and operations teams collaboration.  
  11. Theatre 1
    • See how your company can benefit from cost and weight savings with the use of EMS-GRIVORY plastics.
    •  Learn how EMS-GRIVORY have developed plastics that are disposable or reusable: in the field of medical technology.
    •  Understand how the EMS Group are leading the way with sustainability.
  12. Theatre 1
    • See how your company can benefit from cost and weight savings with the use of EMS-GRIVORY plastics.
    •  Learn how EMS-GRIVORY have developed plastics that are disposable or reusable: in the field of medical technology.
    •  Understand how the EMS Group are leading the way with sustainability.
  13. Theatre 2

    This session looks into the basics of heat transfer and how to optimize it in view of the limitations of mechanical requirements as well as available thermal interface materials, heat spreaders and heatsinks. Typical applications are presented as well as specific solutions.

  14. Theatre 2

    To improve safety, performance and intelligence; sensors are inevitable part of most modern electronics. Attend this session and learn to make designs futureproof by adding a sensor. Which sensor - analogue or digital? Does it cost or add value? How do you gain competitive advantage? What is inside a sensor? How does a sensor work? Which interface is ideal - Analogue, UART, I2C or SPI? Sourcing, technical support and best practice are to be discussed in 30 minutes with live demonstrations of our latest MEMS Sensors.

  15. Theatre 5
    Understanding Safetykleen, how we can help with compliance productivity and quality 
  16. Theatre 5
    Learn about Ultimo's Enterprise Asset Management software and the benefits for your organisation. After this session you know how you can help the Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management software operators optimise uptime using autonomous maintenance. You learn how autonomous maintenance is integrated in the Ultimo software and how it helps improve the collaboration between departments. 
  17. Theatre 3
    • Discuss the potential for non-invasive temperature measurement and its product advancement.
    • Intro of a sensor to the cloud-integrated sensing capabilities.
    • Focus on finding new ways of sensing and supporting your projects’ needs as well as using sense to support infrastructure and environmental conditions.
  18. Theatre 4
    • Help quantify the value of marketing to your organisation.
    • Build trust in your industrial B2B brand digitally.
    • Ensure better alignment between sales and marketing.
  19. Theatre 3

    Soaring energy costs and targets to reduce CO2 have never been more of a challenge for businesses than at this time. This workshop will look at practical measures for reducing your compressed air energy consumption in production lines.

  20. Theatre 4
    • Understand the difference between "cyber-threats" and "cyber-faults", and how they impact the connected-factory.
    • Learn how upcycling data from manufacturing processes increases operational visibility (and ROI) for IT teams and Production Engineers.
    • Discover how a "Virtual Analyst" can automatically increase operational resilience, by spotting cyber and physical incidents in seconds. 
  21. Theatre 1
    • With component leadtimes exceeding 60 weeks you require a holistic engineering and supply chain solution for todays market.
    • By combining an outsourced engineering team with a consultative supply chain service, Arrow provides a unique toolbox to meet both todays and future design challenges.


  22. Theatre 1
    • While the design of a complete power supply can not be automated today, many of the tasks that are necessary for successful power converter designs can be performed with suitable tools. Analog Devices offers a complete tool chain making power supply design very simple, even for the engineers that are not power supply experts. Coming from simple Excel spread sheets, today’s tools offer excellent expertise in circuit design. LTpowerPlanner is helping to select the most suitable architecture for a specific power chain in any system. LTpowerCAD suggests an optimized circuit design with calculation of external components and optimization capabilities. The Filter Designer makes sure that a proposed design passes EMI requirements and finally LTspice, as a very successful circuit simulator, helps to optimize a circuit before the first hardware is even built.
  23. Theatre 2
    • Learn about the different form factors, all memory cards are not the same.
    • Learn about different grades of memory used for embedded and industrial memory cards.
    • Understand how to manage performance and reliability.
  24. Theatre 2

    Faster, cheaper, stronger, more scalable…? Would you like some tax relief to enable that?
    Is your team always thinking about how to make a product or process faster, cheaper, stronger, more scalable, etc? Do you explore anything and everything to try and problem solve? It is highly likely that these activities qualify for R&D Tax Relief.

  25. Theatre 5
    • How to monitor bearing friction using Ultrasound paired with a single-point lubricator.
    • Use cases for remote bearing friction monitoring and the value of proper lubrication.
    • Real-time friction monitoring as a step forward in relation to route-based inspection.
  26. Theatre 5

    The vibration spectrum is an excellent tool for detecting and diagnosing faults in rotating machinery and structures.  But in truth it only tells part of the picture, whereas understanding the motion of a machine or structure can go a long way in completing the picture allowing us to confirm the root cause of many vibration problems.

  27. Theatre 3

    3 Key Learnings :

    • Why ergonomic solutions are so important in the workplace.
    • How to eliminate risks and costs associated with manual handling.
    • The future of ergonomics in the manufacturing industry.
  28. Theatre 4

    Join me and learn;

    • The importance of cloud based labelling in manufacturing and supply chain solutions
    • What's required to succeed with cloud based labelling solutions
    • Customer success stories 
  29. Theatre 3
    • Understanding how the UK grid has evolved.
    • Recognising the need for a UPS.
    • Conversion method.
  30. Theatre 4
    • Discover how remote visual support has empowered Hako Machines' digital transformation journey
    • Learn how Hako Machines has engaged and supported customers in exciting new ways using visual support, with examples of taking their after-sales service to the next level
    • Examples of measuring ROI with reduces truck rolls, shortened response times, increases in fire-time fix rates, and elevated carbon emissions saving
  31. Theatre 1
    • What are Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD)?
    • How do renewable energy sources rely on PEMD for control and distribution?
    • How can we improve PEMD manufacturing and supply chains in the UK? 
  32. Theatre 2
    This presentation explains how to resolve the "last-mile" quality control problems by using machine vision to capture defects on precision parts. It is important in high-end applications. SmartMore vision systems help you to optimize your manufacturing process and lower costs. 
  33. Theatre 2
    The current situation & opportunities presented by IoT for OEM's - How to get started with your digital service proposition - Generate recurring revenue from your machines to stay ahead of your competition 
  34. Theatre 5
    • 40–50% of compressed air is wasted due to air leaks.
    • Early detection is the best way to proactively prevent increased costs.
    • LF10: the most accurate, intelligent, easiest to use ultrasonic solution on the market.
  35. Theatre 5
    • What is Bio-Remediation
    • Learn about how Bio-Remediation can make parts cleaning safe and fully sustainable and 'green' up your company Vastly Reduce wate streams
    • No hazardous waste removal means no waste contracts needed ever again resulting in reduced operating cost.
    • Health & Safety Benefits
    • No Solvents
    • No VOC's
    • No hazardous waste
    • 100% Safe to use
  36. Theatre 3
    • Why your process has never been more at risk from power quality issues.
    • The true cost to your business of poor power quality and outages.
    • What makes Piller different with its sustainable, cost effective battery free solutions.
  37. Theatre 4
    • How Disporate and Legacy Systems are have created data silos.
    • Using connections to the smart factory to improve efficiency.
    • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to sift the Data Lake.
  38. Theatre 4
    • Determining the steps of a net zero strategy – how if progress measured
    • The impact and power of big data for businesses, manufacturers and engineering firms
    • The role reduction of emissions plays in the bigger sustainability challenge
  39. Theatre 3
    An introduction to Mendix Low-code – the enterprise modernisation platform.
  40. Theatre 1
    • Understanding how efficiently an organisation uses its assets.
    • Maximising energy efficiency.
    • How you can do it.
  41. Theatre 1
    • Learn how to set up and run FEA, CFD and Thermal simulations in minutes
    • Learn how to iterate and rapidly explore multiple design concepts including Topology Optmisation
    • Learn how using simulation earlier can speed up development, improve quality and reduce cost.
  42. Theatre 1
    Click here to book this slot  enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk
  43. Theatre 2
    The environmental benefits of using motion plastics
    A new application and product
    Where will this take us?
  44. Theatre 2
    The environmental benefits of using motion plastics
    A new application and product
    Where will this take us?
  45. Theatre 5
  46. Theatre 5

    With recent supply and labor shortages, companies need to modernize their work processes and take advantage of proven digital technologies. Join us to see how a mobile EAM solution for SAP can: • Increase productivity to do more with your current staff • Reduce costs • Increase asset uptime  

  47. Theatre 3
    • Real-world applications for Industry 4.0 and Industrial IOT.
    • Where to begin your journey and steps to deliver business benefits.
    • How to avoid common pitfalls on your journey.
  48. Theatre 1

    Digital Rising is a strategic procedural method that enables your manufacturing business to fully realise its digital ambitions, irrespective of size and scope. Our methodology is based on 100+ years of accumulated knowledge in our digital transformation team, gained from real-world experience of designing and implementing various manufacturing solutions over 20 years.

  49. Theatre 4
    • Create superior sensing solutions by avoiding the limitations of battery power.
    • Achieve higher ROI by avoiding fixed power wiring and data installation costs.
    • Utilise energy harvesting to deploy sensing solutions in hard to access locations.
  50. Theatre 4
    • Why ESG is important to net zero and to the manufacturing / engineering sectors
    • How the modern economy will need to embrace ESG to be sustainable
    • The key pillars of an ESG strategy, including governance and risk management


  51. Theatre 3
    • How IOT technology is applicable to you
    • How to obtain accelerated time to value
    • How to collect data and reap benefits you may not expect  
  52. Theatre 2
    • 4 steps to achieving industry 4.0
    • Find simple ways to get the most value from IIOT
    • Identify possible risks and learn how to mitigate them  
  53. Theatre 1
    Click here to book this slot  enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk
  54. Theatre 1

    Click here to book this slot enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk


  55. Theatre 2
    Click here to book this slot  enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk
  56. Theatre 5
  57. Theatre 3
    • The methods of measuring the strength of materials haven't changed much in over 100 years.
    • The rapid testing and qualification of materials and parts is a critical (and often overlooked) piece of industry 4.0.
    • New numerical tools are starting to make material testing faster and more flexible than ever before.
  58. Theatre 4
    • The increasing risk of power disruptions to manufacturing sites.
    • What manufacturers can practically do to achieve net zero.
    • How manufacturers can protect their core business from volatile energy prices.
  59. Theatre 3
    • Understand when (and why) lean manufacturing can leave suppliers vulnerable
    • Learn how to make your supply chain more resilient in the face of disruption
    • Discover the latest innovations that enable consistent production in lean factories 
  60. Theatre 4
    • The practical role of Leadership in empowering every level to solve problems autonomously.
    • How to use CI Tools to create an environment that supports desired change in behaviours.
    • Practical examples of top down, bottom up approach to improve performance and deliver results at pace.
  61. Theatre 5
    • In a world that is digitally transforming every day, how do we solve old problems with new technology, what does good look like?

  62. Theatre 1
    Click here to book this slot  enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk
  63. Theatre 2
    • World’s first ‘eyepiece-less’ stereo microscope
    • Example 2D digital microscope application
    • 3D Optical Example Applications
  64. Theatre 5
    Click here to book this slot  enquiries@mandeweek.co.uk
  65. Theatre 4
    • The importance of leveraging domain knowledge rather than data
    • Succumbing to FOMO: a solution first approach to digital
    • Become a creator of value rather than a consumer of products
    •  Creating digital autonomy

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