Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

U E Systems Europe B.V Stand: B34
  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy
  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy
  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy
Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

- Lubricate based on condition
- Prevent over lubrication
- Built-in front-end lamp for dark areas
- Magnetic transducer for ease of operation
- Swivel base adjusts to odd angles
- Attaches directly to grease gun

Listen to the bearing, start lubricating and determine when to stop!
The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy is uniquely designed to allow an operator to si­multaneously lubricate and monitor ultrasound levels to prevent over-lubrication.

As lubrication levels fall, friction levels rise, producing ultrasonic waves, which are very directional and localized. Easily attached to most standard grease guns, or worn in an optional belt holster, the Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy translates high frequency sounds into the audible range, where users will hear and recognize bearing sounds. The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy focuses in on these sounds – even in the noisiest environment – and helps users identify when to stop lubricating.
The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy will support your lubrication program resulting in:

- Prolong the life of your equipment
- Identify bearing issues by listening
- Prevent over lubrication
- Save on working hours & operational costs
- Improve maintenance efficiency

Additional useful features of the Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy:

- Easy to read LED’s provide visual indication of ultrasound amplitude
- Built-in front-end lamp to illuminate dark areas
- Swivel base adjusts to odd angles
- Heavy duty headphones for high noise environments
- Magnetically mounted transducer for ease of operation
- Optional belt holster makes it even easier to carry

This unique instrument will give you control over your lubrication practices!


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