Ultraprobe 100

U E Systems Europe B.V Stand: B34
  • Ultraprobe 100
  • Ultraprobe 100
  • Ultraprobe 100
Ultraprobe 100 Ultraprobe 100 Ultraprobe 100

- Easy to use
- Cost-effective
- Best Ultrasound instrument in entry level class
- Ideal for point & shoot trouble shooting
- 8-position sensitivity dial with decibel indications
- LED bar graph display

The Ultraprobe 100 is a practical tool for any leak detection, steam trap inspection or troubleshooting program.

Simple to use & cost effective! Find compressed air and faulty steam traps and prevent machinery failure.

Why Choose this instrument?

- Easy to use
- Best in class entry level Ultrasound instrument!
- Comes with an universal interchangeable 9V battery
- Ideal for point & shoot troubleshooting

Ultrasound Technology is the smart approach to inspection:

- Ultrasound is very directional and localized
- Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded
- Ultrasound instruments can be used in noisy environments
- Changes in Ultrasound provide early warning of potential problems
- Ultrasound instruments are easy to use!

The Ultraprobe 100 features an 8-position sensitivity dial with decibel indications.

In addition, it features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB for calculating decibel levels.


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