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 Product features and pricing will always be important, but with the explosion of digital commerce these are rapidly becoming commodities—things that companies compete on but not things that set a brand apart in the mind of the customer. So, what will it take? The answer to the question is simple, but hard to achieve: Standing out is about developing the ability to secure customer loyalty and repeat business. The ability to create delighted customers. We call this the Moment of Service. It is the moment when everything that goes on in your business comes together. When the hundreds of decisions, thousands of processes and people all align to deliver your company at its best. Your greatest moments of service. Great service connects you to your customers. It creates loyalty. And loyalty impacts margins. IFS Cloud will help you rethink your business so you can focus on services and outcomes instead of products. It’s been built to help you orchestrate your customers, your people, and your assets as your business transforms. IFS Cloud was built to help you achieve your perfect moment of service. With IFS Cloud, we provide an easier path to digital transformation. We remove product silos that segregate data and slow decision making. We give you the choice to deploy on the Cloud or on-premise, and we have embedded digital innovation that’s ready to use right out of the box. With IFS Cloud, we stay firm to our promise to deliver value where it matters most to you, whether that’s driving innovation, realizing fast value from your investment, or transforming your business. This is the solution that delivers what you need to step into the future. This is IFS Cloud. 


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