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The CRC SmartWasher® is a bioremediating parts washing system designed to clean dirty equipment parts during repair and maintenance operations - safely. The system combines 3 essential components – the SmartWasher® parts washer, the OzzyJuice® cleaning fluid, and the OzzyMat® filter that contains a proprietary blend of microbes.

The SmartWasher® heats and circulates the OzzyJuice® and the OzzyJuice® cleans the parts. The OzzyMat® releases the microbes into the cleaning fluid to break down and eat oil, grease and carbon-based contaminants, creating a self-cleaning system that does not generate hazardous waste.

The SmartWasher® system harnesses the power of nature to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while also eliminating the need to handle or dispose of hazardous waste, making it a safer choice over manual solvent or aqueous-based parts washers.


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