Bio-based Polyamides: Greenline


Under the general term GreenLine, EMS-GRIVORY markets a wide range of bio-based polyamides which are manufactured partially or wholly from renewable raw materials. The "GreenLine" series is made up of products from the families:

Grivory HT (polyphthalamide)
Grilamid TR (amorphous transparent PA)
Grilamid 1S (PA1010)
Grilamid 2S (PA610)

which provide a wide spectrum of special properties from very flexible to extremely rigid, from high heat or hydrolysis resistant to perfectly transparent.

The primary objective of EMS-GRIVORY with GreenLine is to offer customers products based on renewable raw materials, having excellent properties and allowing a proven contribution towards reduction of environmental impact. From a technical point of view, GreenLine products are in no way inferior to crude-oil based polyamides.

By using monomers obtained through chemical processes from the renewable raw material castor oil, the environmental impact of GreenLine products is significantly improved from a “cradle to gate” point of view compared to crude-oil based polyamides. The total emission of climate-damaging gases during the whole manufacturing process of the polymer and its precursors can be reduced by up to ¾ depending on the product.

Despite the use of renewable raw materials, GreenLine products are not biologically degradable polymers. Their durability is comparable to that of crude-oil based polyamides.


GreenLine Products

Grilamid 1S PA1010 and Grilamid 2S PA610

Key features:

  • high to very high bio-content
  • properties similar to those of PA12
  • low moisture absorption
  • from flexible to high stiffness (reinforced), cold impact resistant
  • good UV and chemical resistance
  • low density
  • for injection and extrusion processing
  • good adhesion of Grilamid 1S PA1010 to bio-based Grilamid BTR grades in overmoulding or sandwich moulding processes.


Grilamid TR, amorphous transparent polyamide

Key features:

  • high bio-content
  • excellent transparency and natural colour
  • very good chemical resistance compared to most other amorphous thermoplastics
  • high gloss and good scratch resistance
  • low density
  • good adhesion to Grilamid 1S PA1010

Grilamid TR: Transparent polyamide for the most exacting requirements


Grivory HT3 PPA (Polyphthalamid)

Key features:

  • high bio-content
  • very low moisture absorption compared to other PPAs
  • high dimensional stability
  • excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis
  • high peak temperature and heat resistance
  • suitable for lead-free soldering
  • available as halogen-free flame-retardant compound for E&E applications

The bio content of GreenLine products varies from about 50 up to 99% depending on the type of polymer, when determined according to ASTM D 6866-12 and expressed in percentage of total carbon.


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